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Estate Agents Totnes
Kingsbridge 1914

R.H. Luscombe & Sons

In 1873 R.H. Luscombe & Sons were first established as agricultural auctioneers, land and estate agents. Their premises were at Kings Barn, Offields farm, Churchstow, in the upstairs corn chamber or granary.

Some 100 years later, during a more recent sale, in the very same barn, an original R.H. Luscombe & Sons poster was discovered still pinned to the back of the barn door.

Major Luscombe & Arthur Luscombe joined their father, R H Luscombe in the early twentieth century. Dick Luscombe, son of Arthur Luscombe, qualified as a chartered surveyor, prior to the outbreak of the Second World War and during the war, Dick was involved in the design and construction of a sham canvas Molberry harbour, built to put the Germans off the scent of the D-day landing. On returning from the war he went into partnership with his father and uncle. Mr. Walter Trant, a cousin, joined them towards the end of the 1940’s. truly a family business.

Estate Agents Totnes
Kingsbridge 1930

John Maye & Co

John Maye was articled to John Body in Plymouth. He eventually set up on his own in Princess Square, Plymouth, in 1901. After a few years, towards 1905, he moved to South Brent where he remained a sole practitioner until the war. He took Walter Massey, his assistant & Jack Cockrem into partnership in late 1940’s. Mr. Roger German was taken on in 1948 as pupil to Jack Cockrem, and completed his National Service with the Royal Engineers during 1955 & 1956.

Luscombe Maye & Co

Whilst Mr German was away serving his country, three of the four partners of R.H. Luscombe & Sons, Mr Trant, Arthur and Major Luscombe died. Dick Luscombe was left as the sole remaining partner. Over in South Brent at John Maye & Co, John Maye and Walter Massey were ready to retire, leaving only Jack Cockrem.

Estate Agents Totnes
South Brent Sheep Sale

Mr German, as the only qualified employee joined the partnership in 1957. The Kingsbridge & South Brent offices were then complemented in 1957 by the addition of a third, in Plympton.

Luscombe Maye LLP

Totnes and Ivybridge offices opened in 1997/98 as the firm slowly expanded.

A merger with Bettisons’ Yealmpton and Newton Ferrers offices in 2007 increased the size of the firm, covering all property related and professional matters as depicted in this website.

In 2015 a prestigious new office in Salcombe was opened, with an Exeter office following in 2016 to bring the total to 8.

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